In 1993, Fátima Cordeiro owned a small mini-market and her husband, Mariano Cordeiro, in charge of construction.


By this time, Mariano Cordeiro met a funeral director from a neighboring island, and was encouraged to open a funeral parlor.


It was then that Mariano Cordeiro and his wife Fátima Cordeiro founded in 1994 – in the parish of Lomba da Maia, Ribeira Grande county – Agência Funerária Cordeiro, Lda.


The Cordeiro Funeral Agency has been growing over the years, motivating even the relocation of its owners to Ponta Delgada.


Over the years, the Funeral Agency Cordeiro opened branches in several municipalities of the island of São Miguel, having as a concern to be more and more close to its customers.


Currently, the company is formed by the founders, Mariano and Fátima Cordeiro, by their children Marlene Rodrigues and Rafael Medeiros.

For more than 20 years, we have strongly invested in training, to serve better. To you and the community!

We thank all those who during this time have trusted our services, believing what the Funeral Agency Cordeiro has the best: professionalism.